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Dallas/Fort Worth Artist

Balance. Guidance. Unity.

Balance. Guidance. Unity. Balance. Guidance. Unity.

About Me


From discouraged to determined

I have always had a passion for art.  I  can remember coloring for hours as a young child and later moved into trying sketch dress designs, playing music and writing poetry in junior high.  When I got to high school I was so excited for my first "official" art class. I was ready to learn something more.  After receiving some discouragement as a teenager I put art aside thinking it wasn't for me.

I set on for other things in life while still having a strong desire for anything artistic.  Interior design and photography in particular. 

After dabbling in photography for several years it wasn't until after the birth of my little girl that things really changed.  What began as a simple bonding activity with my daughter evolved into fulfilling my dream of learning to paint. 

I found myself.

From that very first painting on a cold November day to now, I have discovered my passion and my call in life.  

Fluid art (inks and acrylics) is my beloved medium.  Why?  Because of it's unpredictability.  I love how it can change in seconds to something new.  How it keeps me guessing, adjusting to its movement, wondering how the colors will react each time.   "Taming" the untamable so to speak. 

It has also taught me patience, adaptability, and that just because you are handed discouragement.....

NEVER. GIVE. UP!  Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. 

Come join me on my new journey.


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